This course teaches the basics of version 2 of the Swift language with Xcode 7.

All Levels, — Video: 1 hour Other: 1 min, 8 lectures

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Course requirements:

Knowledge of some Scripting Language Preferred, but Not Necessary.
 We assume you have some basic knowledge of programming.

Course description:

This course teaches the basics of version 2 of the Swift language. Swift is a powerful language used to develop applications for iPhone, iPad, and OS X. In this course, you’ll learn about Xcode 7 (Apple’s integrated development environment), and learn to write short programs in Swift, which will prepare you to start learning to develop full applications for Macs and Apple’s mobile devices.

The course contains over 30 minutes of video demos and many source code examples. It covers the various parts of the Xcode interface and how to use them

This course is the lite version of our main course that is Introduction to Swift 2 with Xcode 7

All units have full source code and exercises (along with answers) to test your knowledge.

Full details
 Learn by example by walking you through real live projects step by step
 Learn the fundamentals of Swift 2, programming language from Apple
 Students wish to upgrade their Swift programming language to Swift 2
 Students wish to develop full applications for Macs and Apple’s mobile devices


“Really really good beginner tutorial for someone who’s never used Xcode or wrote anything in Swift before” (Michael Duong)
“Not what I was expecting…” (Vmalh Apps)
“Excellent .” (Eng. Ayman diab)

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