builderscon tokyo 2018 IoT / Gadget Nite

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This is part of a series of articles to show you what builderscon tokyo 2018was about. builderscon took place between September 6–8, 2018.

The Night Before

Every year we take one evening before the main conference to hold a smaller-scale meetup. We use the meetup to gather a few talks that concentrate on a particular theme, as well as for the staff to rehearse the whole check-in process.

This year we decided to gather talks about IoT gadgets, and the process of inventing these, with sponsorship from 転職DRAFT, SmartHR, and mercari (apologies, I can’t seem to make unfurl this link)

The Practice Run

We switch venues almost every year. Event if we didn’t, our check-in varies ever so slightly that we need to design and re-think the placement of various materials and the flow of people. This pre-conference meetup is where we come up with, and test the actual flow

Those who came to the event can check-in early — that means they can also get the special swags for the supporter tickets:

The Sessions

The list of sessions can be found below. We had talks on creating electronic badge, creating a keyboard, the perils fo manufacturing IoT devices, using VR chat to interview new hires, and a showcase of various gadgets that they made for Make.

We were treated to various interesting gadgets that we usualy may not necessarily have access to. The audience absolutely loved it.

We don’t intend to make buildescon completely focused on physical devices, but it’s certainly one of the many cool technologies that we are interested in seeing.

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