Being an introvert is not a bad thing

An introvert is someone who is more stimulated (energized) when being alone or doing low-key activities away from a larger crowd.

Some of the traits people most often recognize in those who are introverted are shyness and being quiet.

I always thought that being shy and quiet was a bad thing.

That I had to participate all the time in class, or just be the center of attention during parties, social outings, etc.

I had to tell myself many a times to just put on that perky face and talk so that others don’t see the truth.

I mean I do enjoy talking, but I would much rather have a private conversation with someone one on one than having to raise my voice and have a ton of other people hear my thoughts.

That’s what energized me; how I could really take in a deep, sincere, chat with another being.

I didn’t need to be that person who got a confidence boost by being a social butterfly and talking about the latest gossip or news.

I enjoy the act of listening and understanding people on a more meaningful level.

I also love doing activities such as painting, journaling, and running.

These are all activities that you tend to do alone.

Each of these passions allowed me to focus on something other than the stimuli of the outside world.

I could just be in my own mind and focus on what made me happy.

There is a great speaker who has written a book about introverts called, “The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking”.

Her name is Susan Cain and I had recently watched her powerful Ted Talk on YouTube and could easily relate to her life.

She was an avid reader. This is one of her favorite things to do.

In her Ted Talk, Cain really digs the point that our society has taught us to “prize extroverts”….that in school and work there has been this idea that teamwork and the congregation of people is the way to get things done efficiently.

She states how this isn’t always the best idea. It doesn’t allow us to freely come up with thoughtful creative ideas. It would be more beneficial to have us all spend time alone, and then come together to bring our thoughts to the table.

Listening to her Ted Talk made me feel that it isn’t a bad thing to be an introvert.

We have so many qualities that make us each unique and special.

There is certainly a spectrum of introverted and extroverted personalities of course and there are parts of me that are really extroverted.

I do enjoy being out in social events and meeting new people, but am more comfortable and myself when I am alone.

I am more in tune with my own thoughts, feelings, and emotions and that is how I live my life.

People who know me, know me for these special qualities.

It gives me a deeper appreciation and empathy for people around me knowing I can relate and be of comfort to someone.

So to those who think that being introverted is abnormal or bad, tell yourself it isn’t because you give off a light that people can feel without having to say a single word. ❤