DIY Rudolf the Big Nose Reindeer Designs

Aren’t these nails just adorable?!?!

I had just done two of these cute designs on a regular customer at my mom’s nail salon.

She had found them on Pinterest.

I was so in love with these peeking head rudolf’s that I decided to paint a whole club of them on my nails.

You might have already seen my DIY Candy Cane tip nails which are on the easier side. This design I would call intermediate.

But they are still very fun and festive so be patient! Practice makes perfect.

First, start off by painting all the nails white. Any white polish will do fine.

So sparkly and white!

Second, use a tan color to paint half a circle on the edges of the nail. This will create the head of rudolf. Make sure it has two coats of polish.

Third, use the same tan color to make small ears on both sides of the half-circle you just painted. Don’t worry if they aren’t perfect!

I used the brush of the polish and turned it sideways so that the width is smaller and more accurate for painting smaller details.

Fourth, add those reindeer hooks! You can do this with a thin striper brush dipped in any brown nail polish. Draw two lines coming out from the head and add two hooks on each side of the two lines.

Yay! They look like chicken feet.

Fifth, add the famous red nose on the edge of the nail using any bright red polish.

I brushed sparkly polish on the red just because I love sparkles…

Lastly, add in the eyeballs. You can do this two ways.

Either use the top of the nail polish brush (since its round) and simply place two dots above the nose, or use a dotting tool (or tip of toothpick/pencil) to make the eyes.

I find doing the first choice is easier and takes less time.

Use black polish and the same technique as described above to place the eyeballs in whichever direction you want rudolf to look.

Finish off with a fast dry top coat!

TA DA! You’re own group of reindeer right at your fingertips. No need for Santa and his sleigh. ^^