Mathematics of working week

Currently, I live in Denmark. Amazing country to be, however, here in same way, as in the rest of a world robots are physically challenged and can’t be fully of charge of human race. Thus, people work here. According to Danish laws working week can’t be more than 38 hours a week. I am on my way to become member of one company, and tried few days ago to calculate what that means to my future daily routine.

My 2015th.

So, 38 hours/5 days ~ 7.5 hours per day; in my case I will be spending 1 hour for travel to and from work (cycling): 7.5+1=8.5(h).

Also, we need to subtract daily humanoid things, which I, as a part of Homo Sapiens family must do: 8h for a sleep, 1h breakfast & morning bathroom, 30 min lunch & coffee, 1h dinner, 30m night bathroom: 8+1+0.5+1+0.5=11(h).

As a result: 24–8.5–11=4.5(h). So, we have 4.5 hours of free time every working day. I think this number is pretty same across almost everyones daily routine.

Also, I am immigrant and do not speak local (Danish) language. I am attending classes twice a week for 2.5h, or need to spend 1.5h in other days to be on a track and actually make progress. This decreases free time to: 1.5h or 2.5h.

Another thing, which is must be, in case you want to live healthy life is to divide some time for sports. Since I am cheating/optimising this via cycling to and from work, I can spend less time for this specific task. From my own experience best plays for me is a 10 minute workout (actually 7 minute workout app) during morning and every third day to have 30min run (Nike+ running)(+ 30min shower afterwards).

One more thing, which I am following is to work on pet projects. I divide 1.5 hours every second day for this (was doing this during university life and will proceed to do). What is important here is that I plan to spend this time before work, since I want to invest most productive time for things in which I believe.

Last in priority, but also important in my life is to visit meetups or some social events. For them I try to spend whatever is left, or sometimes when tired from routine just spend all golden 4.5 hours of free time.

Beside these “categories” of life’s time there are also tasks like make haircut, buy groceries, buy something, visit someone, clean house, wash dog, … For this stuff we have weekends. From my own experience the best way is to do these duties in a lazy manner during Saturday, and have 13.5 hours of freedom on Sunday, since still, I will need to sleep for 8h, cook and consume food for 2.5 hours, and use bathroom at night for 30 minutes.

P.S. I would be happy to see comments according mistakes & typos.

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