We Are The Choices We Make

Every morning, when you open our eyes, you choose who you want to be that day. Each decision, step, deed matters. Each choice either supports or undermines your goals.

In this short article I want to show you how to create small, healthy habits around your busy lives to maximize the positive impact on your health, energy levels and fitness.
At the end you will understand the basics of this strategy and you will have an easy to follow plan of action. so you can start the journey to a better, healthier you as soon as you like.

The strategy is very simple. I use this technique with all my personal training clients and Fitness Soul members, and it has never failed me.

Even better, it’s FREE!

But before we get to ‘how’ I want take you back for a little trip down memory line, to your childhood.

Take a moment and imagine kids playing in a park. 
They run around all day with other kids, with dirty knees and red happy faces. They kick a ball, roll, jump, scream, climb the trees. They are never tired, always active, always full of energy.

Now let’s fast-forward 30 years. 
Imagine the same kids, now in suits. They are the same people but something is different. They don’t smile that often. They are tired and bored, they need to drink coffee to wake up and wine to go to sleep.

What’s happened to them?

You know Leszek, life happened. — my clients answer — I got a job, I got married. Then kids. I’ve started drinking more and eating unhealthily. Suddenly I’m here, a couple of stone heavier. Please help.

All those guys share the same problem: not enough of movement and a bad diet.

A couple years ago, at the beginning of my fitness career, I would create a fitness program for them and ask them to follow a specific diet, to a letter. 
And it would work, for sometime but then, sooner or later, they would slip back to their old ways. Then they would come back to me and I would put them on a different program and a different diet.

Now, wiser, I know that there is a better way. 
It’s not about a specific diet or a planned fitness and exercise regime. People generally don’t need to be educated; they need to start applying their knowledge.
I can bet that you already know everything you need to know about healthy eating, lifestyle and exercise.

Deep down we all know what is good or bad for us. 
We all know we should stay clear from processed foods, soda, sweets and alcohol and eat unprocessed, whole, fresh vegetables and fruits instead. We also know we should exercise, move and play more.

The problem is that very often we don’t listen to our inner voice.

It is human nature to choose shortcuts and the easy way out. 
What’s worse the media, TV, internet and fitness professionals constantly feed us with a new, better ways and hacks.
We are bombarded with new studies and research.

  • Diet A is better than diet B and then next day diet C emerges.
  • They talk about 5 best foods for losing fat and 7 best tips for gaining muscle.
  • One online guru says that butter is good for you and the other says butter kills you.
  • Avoid gluten at all cost or eat as much pasta as you want.
  • A small dose of alcohol is good but alcohol is a poison.
  • Burn all fat in 30 days.
  • The new, best ways of getting fit.
  • Fast and easy diet pills.

And it goes on and on..

Information overload is aimed at creating anxiety and quick sales. 
It has nothing to do with health and fitness.

My solution is simple.

I believe in a back to basics approach. It’s about creating small, 
healthy habits around our busy lives which in the long run will have a massive impact on your health, energy levels and fitness. 
It’s not about going to the gym 2x times a week for one hour session on the treadmill but moving constantly during the day, as we were meant to. You don’t need to buy another diet book or sign up for another nutrition course but instead make healthier choices, everyday.

If you still don’t know where to start, please use my daily ritual list as a guideline. It is a list of things I am doing everyday. Those are some small habits which have an amazing impact on my health and fitness. Feel free to ‘’steal it’’ or simply create your own!


  • Drink Water in the morning — 1 litre of H20 straight after getting up
  • Joint mobility — move all joints in your body — 3 min
  • Meditation — sit, close your eyes and focus on your breathing — 5 min
  • Walk — Get off one bus stop earlier
  • Stand up and do something (squats, mobility etc) every 25 min for 5 min (1h = 10min 8h = 80min of movement!)
  • Be prepared for temptation — have healthy food prepared
  • Skip TV before bedtime — better recovery and sound sleep
  • Repeat again!

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Originally published at leszekstelmachowski.blogspot.co.uk on March 16, 2016.