We were talking about Jelly 2.0, the app my team and I are building that tackles searching in a whole new way. We’re in closed beta right now and Ev is one of our beta testers. I answered his question with two words and we both agreed that it sounded right. Maybe a little jargon-y but nevertheless, it was an accurate way to describe Jelly. “Subjective Search.”
The Accidental Technologist and His Subjective Search Engine
Biz Stone

Hard to believe I wrote a little ditty over two years ago when Jelly first launched. Even back then, you were on to something novel. It was indeed subjective feedback but it also already demonstrated the potential to be an intelligence engine vs. a knowledge engine.

Here’s the post from January 2014. 2014! http://www.collemcvoy.com/news/jelly/

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