Instagram Algorithm FTW? No thank you.

Following the lead of its parent, Instagram is now under the impression that it knows better than you what you should see in your newsfeed. Just as Facebook knows it is quite impossible to see every post from every friend you have, Instagram appears to think the same. Algorithms for the win? I don’t think so.

Lemme break down the first paragraph from the Instagram blog:

You may be surprised to learn that people miss on average 70 percent of their feeds. (don’t check as often as you’d like them to? follow too many accounts? fatigue?) As Instagram has grown, (it says “Instagram” not “your account follows”) it’s become harder to keep up with all the photos and videos people and businesses share (says you). This means people often don’t see the posts they might care about the most. (But somehow we will get to see all the sponsored ads we surely care about the most)

Maybe “you” don’t have a problem keeping up with your feed. I know I don’t and I also know it’s OK to miss a post or two without suffering FOMO. Give me the firehose that I chose to follow. After all, it’s my curated list so keep your algorithmic hands off. Full announcement:

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