The fact that all of these well-established networks with hundreds of millions — or billions — of active users fall away relatively quickly when life gets in the way doesn’t bode well for the guys without network effects. This is compounded by the fact that all of our time, even when we’re not especially busy, is limited. Which is to say the obvious: it’s really, really, really hard for a new network to break out these days.
The First of the Gang to Die
M.G. Siegler

SnapChat wiggled its way into millions of daily routines at a time when I thought the space was already too crowded but I think they benefited by possibly being the “last” to succeed in the smartphone era. Cheaper iPhones and the rapid expansion of Android devices meant millions of young people (and old) were getting their first personal devices so habits were still being formed. Perhaps the next success will need to be the one that happens on a device that is still in the early stages of the adoption curve, like a watch or connected TV or some IoT thingamabob that we haven’t dreamed of yet. Great article — in the past month or so, I tried Peach. I tried Anchor. I dipped back into SnapChat and Periscope. And then I got busy. Twitter survived that time crunch.

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