Successful end of LetBet ICO !


We would like to thank all the LetBet community for having contributed to the success of the ICO.

42 millions tokens have been sold while the cryptocurrency market was not in a wonderful mood. To protect the investors, all unsold coins will be burned (estimated number of burned coins are 57 millions).

Thanks to this sucessful ICO, LetBet will become a strong gambling platform. 
You will find new games, new slots and new opportunities to play and to win money on our platform !

During this first month, we already had big winners. With the roulette one single player won 40,000 tokens while with the casino slot one player won 100,000 tokens !

An internal exchange will be released soon. We will impose a price floor of $1 so that no-one having bought during the ICO will ever lose money selling his tokens.

We will organize very soon contests among users playing sports bet to reward the best ones and you will also have the possibility to follow the strategies of the most efficient players.

Gambling will never end on!