Are Zoos Ethical?

Funding for these local zoos are very important simply because without the proper care for the animals and their environment, health as well as the zoo itself this will make the families whether young or old have the great experience they are expecting. Also, with the funding that would be provided zoo workers can work together to put many more activities together that will welcome the people to a whole new experience.

As we take a look at the funding that is given to help out with the zoos we should first look at the size and what sort of atmosphere one wants to show its visitors. The fact that there are funds available and one of those funds is the Conservation Grant Fund. This fund is used to help the animal welfare, health as well as the education and breeding of many animals that need all of the special attention. The funds that are provided by these grants are a good thing because if it was not made available to the zoos the animals would suffer and some would even die. These animals should be treated with the utmost love and care because they are not in their normal environment. There should also be breeding programs to make sure these beautiful and exotic creatures keep from becoming extinct. The funds would be readily available for qualified breeders to come in as well as veterinary care that is needed for that animal as well as the health of the other animals in the zoo.

“The Economics of Zoos” by Amelia Josephson talks about how a zoo is run. She talks about how admission and other pricey items people pay for at the zoo is still not enough money to help out and keep the zoo functioning. Some zoos are even non- profit which means everything is coming from donations or other organizations. It is always wise to be able to go to other funding when they are available to meet the needs of not only the people but the animals.

The local zoos go through great lengths to make the zoo a magical place for both the young and the old. Money should be used for holding fundraisers and holiday events and decorations to show off the new and exciting things. Local zoos should also have the workers they hire to go out and be trained properly by well-educated trainers or maybe even having those trainers come out to the actual zoo so that way they are able to see the animals living in the environment and be able to offer some suggestions on how to update the living area and making it more safe and livable for the animal. Sprucing up the way the zoo looks and being able to make the appearance both inside and out feel like they have just entered a whole new world.

If you are thinking about the animals in the zoo you would realize that it is a very good environment for some of the wildlife animals especially if there was a possibility of them being hunted or hurt in other ways. Animals that are hurt in the wild will not be able to get the same care they would get in the zoo to stay alive and safe from hunters that don’t care about anything but the kill. Animals in the zoo are stimulated by many different things to play with that are placed in their exhibits. They have plastic balls, swings, boxes stuffed with leaves and other structures that are set up to show how the animals use these different structures to play and sometimes learn a new trick. It keeps them engaged in their surroundings and interacting with other animals in the exhibit. The funding can definitely help with making sure the toys and other items used in the animal exhibits to remain clean and not broken so the animals will not become sick or hurt.

The actions that should be taken to always ensure that there is funding going out to the local zoos is the managers, staff and upper business partners should be able to prepare a slideshow of information. Once that slideshow of information and other materials are all put together it should show all the ways the funding would be used in the best interest of the zoo animals, health of the animals, training of the workers and the up keep of the exhibits and property a meeting should be held with the sponsors this meeting would give them a good breakdown on of what the money is used for and how serious they zoo is. Sponsors to me would be more than willing to donate funds to benefit exhibits when they know that the fund that have given are not going to be misused by the company.