Design and Development Progression

Dev Corner

We are making rapid progress towards the release of our full client VPN! Our development team has tested the client and server side of the full VPN in both Windows and Linux. We are confident that we are on track to deliver the full Lethean VPN by the end of the first quarter this year. Keep in mind, when discussing the server side that we only support Linux at this time.

Some of our community members asked about a Brave browser VPN. We have heard this request, and we have made sure that our Chrome browser VPN is working in the Brave browser. Since the Brave browser prides itself on privacy, we are very excited to have a release of our browser VPN that works on their platform. If you are security-minded, Lethean and Brave will work wonders together. If you would like to use our Browser VPN in Brave, you can do so by adding our Chrome browser VPN to the Brave browser.



Our AMA as mentioned in the previous update occurred on January 25, 9:00PM UTC. The event lasted for an hour, during which we eagerly answered all of the questions posed to us on Reddit, and the survey we provided in our last update. In addition to answering questions on our Reddit, we also joined the voice chat on our Discord and engaged in conversation with the community. This was all very fun for us, and we hope to be able to do more similar events in the future. Our answers to Reddit questions are still available for viewing, and can be found here. If you would like to ask any other questions that we did not answer during the AMA, please feel free to still ask them anyway; we will be happy to address them.

BitcoinTalk Redesign

We are aware that our BitcoinTalk thread has been driving a lot more traffic to our site than other sources. In accordance with this, we redesigned the announcement post and made it look better overall so that it would appear more inviting to users who came across our product. The new design is located here. We hope that these visual changes help to spark more interest from those who visit our announcement thread.

Website Redesign

We are still preparing to overhaul our website, but have had a few minor setbacks. The most prominent challenge we faced with our website redesign was finding the right person to ensure that we have the most appealing website possible. As such, we have hired a new graphic designer, Maryliz Ann, who you can find more information about below. One of her initial top priorities will be to work with us on the website design, and ensure that it is in line with our desired image.

New Graphic Designer

We would like to welcome the newest addition to the Lethean team, Maryliz Ann (also known as Mary). Mary is a graphic designer of impressive caliber, and we are excited to see what she will be able to bring to the table when working on projects for our brand. You can find her bio below.

My name is Maryliz Ann, but you can just call me Mary. I am from a small town in northern New Jersey, and completed my BFA at the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design while studying Graphic Design. I discovered my passion for graphic design when I was in middle school, playing with the design programs. I gained a better understanding of the principles when moving to San Francisco, before attending my freshman year at the Academy of Art University for only a year. I then took a break to live in the Philippines for another year, where I learned about the culture and art. With all the experience I gained there, it caused me to realize I wanted to go back to my passion, so I instantly moved to Colorado to finish my Bachelor’s degree at RMCAD. I believe that challenges and risks get me places that I never thought were possible. I was selected to be a part of Lethean due to my passion, as well as my eagerness to constantly try something new. I present a positive drive in the face of all challenges, and believe that teamwork makes a company most successful. Lastly, I believe in never giving up on finding solutions to a problem, because there is always a way to overcome any obstacle.

Russian Community Bounty

Our Russian community is very interested in supporting the generation of new users and the creation of new exit nodes. As such, they have created a bounty to reward users for creating their own nodes. The details of this bounty can be found here.


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