Full Client VPN Creation Underway

Greetings, Lethean community! The new year is well underway, and off to a great start for the team! This update covers some rapid progress we’ve made in both development and marketing respects, as well as summarizes some articles that we have released over the past few days.

Dev Corner

The Browser VPN is nearing completion! Currently, we are doing extended testing and fixing bugs that have been discovered with the Browser VPN. Once all these bugs are fixed, the Browser VPN will be complete, and we’ll be able to begin working on the full VPN client in full force! We hope this news is as exciting for you as it is for us.

In conjunction with the Browser VPN’s upcoming finalization, we are also working on creating a Docker image to assist with new exit node creation. This image will make it much easier to set up and maintain a node, thus increasing the available selection of nodes that users will be able to choose from when using our products.

Internal testing has also begun on the full VPN client. These initial tests are to ensure that once the client is added to the wallet, there are no connectivity issues. Our development team worked very hard over the holidays to get to this point, and we are very proud of them and their continued work. The fact that we have reached this point of testing so early is a testament to their ability, and we are glad to be where we are now. We will keep everyone updated with further details as they become available.

As an addendum, we would like to remind our community that we are an open source project; as such, if you are a developer, we welcome your assistance and/or feedback. If any developers wish to assist us with our efforts, they are free to do so at any time through our Github page, social pages, or by emailing us at contact@intensecoin.com.


Asia Blockchain Review

Lethean has recently partnered with Asia Blockchain Review. Asia Blockchain Review is a flagship media project of Infinity Blockchain Ventures aiming to be the top media platform for Asia-facing businesses interested in blockchain. This partnership will allow us to mutually support each other with community outreach and exposure. You can read more about this partnership here.


We have been recently added to the Cryptoshib website. This website is one that helps users keep up to date with recent crypto news, and offers a platform for users to review projects. We are a hot coin in focus on Cryptoshib as of right now, and we are excited to see what will come from our spotlight on their site. You can visit the site by following this link.


We will be holding an AMA on January 25th, and we would like to see you all there. We have not yet decided on a time to hold the AMA, and as such, we would like to know what time is best for everyone. We will release a survey on our social channels in the very near future to gather the best time to hold the AMA. Every response is helpful as it will help us know when the majority of our community can attend the AMA. If you would also like a specific question answered, please disclose it in the survey so we can ensure that it is addressed properly.

Website Update

We are still working to create the best website that we possibly can. These updates are taking some time because we are making sure that we have a sleek and appealing design to showcase our products and project as we move forward. We will keep everyone up to date with news regarding the website as it becomes available.

TOKOK Exchange

As of January 9th, Lethean was officially listed on the TOKOK exchange. As with any new exchange we are listed on, we do ask that our community remains cautious when trading on the platform, and always use best security practices when sending LTHN to any exchange or user. At this time, trading is available with a LTHN/BTC pair. The Lethean team has tested deposits, withdrawals, and trading, and they are all working properly on the exchange. We are excited that TOKOK has decided to list us on their exchange, and we are very pleased with their enthusiasm regarding our project. To learn more about the TOKOK exchange, you can read our Medium article located here.


We hope this update was as exciting as it was informative! Should you wish to get in touch with us, you can contact Lethean via any of the social networks below.

Email: Contact@lethean.io




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