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During the past few months, our development team has been discussing recent occurrences regarding our project at various conferences. On October 6th, one of our core developers and advisors, Lukas Macura, visited the Zabbix Summit in Riga Latvia and discussed the Zabbix monitoring service. Valiant, our lead developer, also appeared in an interview with the YouTube channel The CryptoClass, and talked about how Zabbix helped us to identify the recent attack that occurred on our blockchain and the aftermath of the attack. Another one of our core developers, Michael Iedema, spoke about Lethean at the Bilbao Tech Week on November 19th. He covered details regarding our blockchain, our product, and why VPNs in general are important in this day and age.

You can find a video of each team member’s presentation in the labeled links below.

Lukas at Zabbix Summit

Valiant on The CryptoClass

Michael at Bilbao Tech Week


Lethean has been added to Delta Direct

As of November 27th, Lethean is now on Delta Direct! Delta Direct is a tracking app for cryptocurrencies that is available on most major technology platforms. Delta Direct allows you to create portfolios, sync data across your devices, watch price movements, and even keep up to date with the latest news from any currencies you so choose. The program even offers direct integration with coin teams and has such features as news aggregation and push notifications, allowing you to be that much closer to the news you care about. We are very excited that Lethean has been added to this versatile platform, and we hope our community finds it a useful tool to add to their collection.

Alex at Beyond Blocks Summit

On the 26th and 27th of November, our Chief Marketing Officer, Alex, visited the Beyond Blocks Summit in Bangkok. The Beyond Blocks Summit is a two-day long event with highly respected and quality speakers, as well as panel discussions on various topics. Alex had lots of interesting conversations there with various local and foreign investors, as well as other project owners and blockchain enthusiasts. A particularly interesting part of his trip was the talks he had with members of CoinGecko, who provided insights into their upcoming features. He was even able to personally thank members of CoinGecko for adding Lethean to CoinGecko Beam. He is not finished with the summit work yet, however; now it’s time for him to follow up with the contacts worth having further discussion with, and eventually develop new relationships!

Alex meeting up with the Founder & CEO of TomoChain.

Articles about Lethean

The Hunters Group Article

Recently, Lethean was featured in an article written by The Hunters Group. The Hunters Group is an organization that looks for promising cryptocurrency projects and writes articles about the projects that they find. One of the newer article creators in this group, @Nakameowdough, polled their Twitter followers to vote on projects that they most wanted to see an article written about. Lethean was recently included in this vote, and we were in the top two of projects being considered for an article. As a result, The Hunters Group eventually published an article on November 18th regarding our project to their site. The article analyzes our project, and provides readers with an idea of what our project is about and what its use cases are. The article can be found at this link.

Matt’s article

Our Chief Strategy Officer, Matt, has written an article relating to government censorship, and how VPNs are the key to unlocking the internet. This article also briefly covers Lethean, and its contribution to the fight for an online experience whose main quality is liberty. It’s a great read for those interested in the topic in general. You can read the article over at Medium by following this link.


On November 27th, our Twitter account was suspended. After some investigation, we discovered that the suspension was caused because Twitter believed that we were exhibiting automated behavior and that as a result, we had violated the terms of service. As we manage the account manually, we therefore strongly believed that the terms of service had not been violated in any way. We quickly contacted Twitter support and asked them to re-open our account as soon as possible. As of November 30th, Twitter apologized for the inconvenience, and reinstated our account’s status. The page is now back up and available for viewing as usual.

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