Important Security Notice From The Lethean Team

Dear Lethean community,

In the near future, Lethean tokens will become transferable. While this is cause for celebration — we have, together, reached an important milestone — it is also a time to remind everyone of the immense number of criminals who try to steal people’s cryptocurrency and of the many scams that they perpetrate in order to do so.

Please, keep your Lethean safe.

While there is no substitute for consulting with an information security professional about the particulars of your own environment and situation to ensure that you properly protect your cryptocurrency holdings, there are some general pieces of information that we thought were important to mention.

  1. Be vigilant when interacting with Lethean on social media. It is likely that criminals will create fake Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, Discord, and other accounts that attempt to impersonate Lethean and/or members of its team. They may use the bogus accounts for all sorts of nefarious purposes. Do not let them trick you. Lethean’s real accounts are listed on our website — so, please, do not follow any accounts claiming to be Lethean that are not listed there — and, definitely, DO NOT follow any instructions provided by any potential impersonators. Beware: Many impersonators use account names that are similar to real accounts — our real account on Twitter, for example, is @LetheanVPN; scammers are likely to try using account names that are similar — @LetheenVPN, @LetheanUPN, @LethaenVPN, etc. Remember: Large amounts of money have been lost by people falling prey to such scams — do not join that crowd.
  2. Never send your wallet, private keys, mnemonic seed, or any cryptocurrency of any kind to anyone from Lethean in exchange for assistance. We will never ask you to send us any compensation in exchange for help, and will never ask you to send any cryptocurrency in order to participate in a giveaway. By, never, we mean never.
  3. Confirm addresses. Before sending cryptocurrency to Lethean for the purchase of Lethean tokens or some other legitimate reason, always confirm that the address to which you are sending your money matches the address listed on our website. Of course, “matches” means matches exactly. It is also a good idea to call or email us before sending any cryptocurrency to us.
  4. Use only official versions of Lethean. Cryptocurrency thieves often attempt to install, or trick others into installing onto their electronic devices, malicious software that attempts to steal cryptocurrency wallets or keys from infected machines. Sometimes the malicious software even masquerades as official software from a provider. As such, there may be attempts by criminals to create and disseminate fake Lethean software that is infected with malware. Therefore, download Lethean software from only our official Github repository or from our website — not from anywhere else. All files that you download should be verified for authenticity and accuracy by comparing the hashes generated by a SHA256 tool. Run on the downloaded files with the expected values that are listed on our website. Do not use hash value lists from any third-party site to check the accuracy of Lethean files.
  5. Secure your devices. Make sure that you are using Internet security software on any and all computers, smartphones, and tablets from which you plan to access Lethean software and/or tokens. If for some reason Internet Security software flags your copy of Lethean as a dangerous application, contact us before proceeding. Sometimes, anti-virus software sets off false red flags, but, sometimes, it catches malware that has somehow infected an application after it was downloaded to your device.

This email is meant to provide some tips, but, obviously, does not contain a comprehensive guide to cryptocurrency. For further reading we suggest seeing the following articles:

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We hope that this announcement helps you to keep your assets safe in these times of growth. If you have any questions or need any assistance, you are always welcome to reach out to us on our socials listed on our website. We wish you luck in staying safe as Lethean progresses.

The Lethean team.