Lethean Paper Wallet Release

Greetings, Lethean community! We know that some users are always looking for more security when it comes to their affairs, be it in their transactions or their traffic. For the longer-term holders of cryptocurrency, software wallets usually aren’t secure enough for their needs; with enough social engineering work or brute force, there are weak points that can be exploited to gain access to wallet files or keys saved on an internet-connected computer. Paper wallets, then, are the answer to the underlying question of “how can one more securely store their coins?” A paper wallet is a set of private keys generated offline and kept on physical paper, with a corresponding public address to send coins to. While one can not send coins from a paper wallet until it is “recovered” due to the lack of any files or blockchain syncing being involved, this also means that nobody can steal anything unless they manage to figure out the private keys that match the associated address. However, coins may easily be sent to the address and then retrieved at the time of recovery. This makes paper wallets one of the most secure places to store cryptocurrency, right next to hardware wallets.

Following this, it would only make sense that we would make paper wallet technology more easily available to our community…and we have done just that. We are proud to announce that Lethean now officially supports paper wallets! You can download a paper wallet generator from our website, and follow the instructions to set up your own paper wallet. We hope that this tool proves useful when it comes to keeping your Lethean coins safe until you wish to spend them.

If you have any questions about how to make, use, or restore a paper wallet, feel free to join any of our social network channels listed below and ask for assistance. We will help you as soon as possible.





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