Response to BITKER listing concerns

Lethean Community,

We are aware that a few community members are concerned with the way that we built up hype around our BITKER exchange listing. These community members have voiced their concerns over both the listing and the validity of BITKER’s statistics. We want to clear the air about our stance, and address the concerns of our community.

First, we would like to say that we are excited about being listed by BITKER, and even more excited about being listed in such a prominent exchange according to volume in the Chinese market. China has one of the largest VPN consumer rates in the world and in our eyes, this is a huge step forward. We think it is a milestone, and well-deserving of the excitement that we encouraged leading up to the exchange listing. Though being listed on an exchange in the Chinese market is an achievement for us, we are not stopping here. We are continuing to reach out to exchanges; however, when reviewing partnerships with exchanges, we strive to ensure that the exchange promotes awareness and is also fiscally viable for us to be listed on. We believe the BITKER listing aligns with our long term goal of providing VPN services to clients worldwide. This listing in an exchange located in one of the largest VPN markets will increase brand awareness and boost the amount of Lethean users.

Some community members have questioned the validity of the information that was provided in our listing press release. We would like it to be known that all the details in our listing article were sourced from either BITKER directly, or from CoinGecko. One of the more prevalent criticisms that was raised is the volume of the exchange. We received all of the data referencing the exchange volume from CoinGecko. However, as an additional measure being taken to clear the air, the Lethean team has asked BITKER to respond to the concerns about volume.

The specific amount of users registered on BITKER’s platform was provided to us by the BITKER team, and their launch date was sourced from their website. We can appreciate why the community has reservations about BITKER’s validity, and the fact that they are not listed on CoinMarketCap. The Lethean Team was advised by BITKER that they have requested listing on CoinMarketCap.

We have asked BITKER for an official response to these matters. You can find their initial response here. We have also asked BITKER for a response addressing the amount of registered users and the amount of volume on their platform. At this time we are waiting for a reply, but we will keep you updated as we know more.

In summation, we are still very excited to see what the future holds for Lethean after opening the doors to the Chinese market. Additionally, we understand the reservations that our community has about the information that was provided. We have asked BITKER to respond to these concerns. When that information becomes available, we will direct our community to the response from BITKER. Despite the questions that were raised, we will maintain our focus on future listings for our community.