Sunshine city- a haft of my story…

i will be 22 years old this birthday. As a new student from urban to the capital city, i really wish to have a department for myself. Because i am fed up with paying a lot of money for hiring a sellter.

Then comes the day that i put aside some money, and decide to buy a flat. But i still dont have enough money….

My friend told me to buy a flat in the skirt, which is cheaper than a flat in the center of the city, but if so i have to drive so far from my flat to my university and my office.

But today, one of my friend tells me to buy a department in Ciputra, Tay Ho, Ha Noi. I have shocked, because it is the center of my city, and cost for accomodation is highest. But ridiculously, the cost is not so high as i imagine….The flat belongs to Sunshine city block.

And i am very happy to have my dream department . I love to live in Sunshine city, to enjoy the sun-rising scene in the morning beside my flat.

Do you want to be my neiborhood or be o part of resident here?

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