Go to the Fun Countries
Ben Thomas

I’ve been living in India for almost 3 years, and I must say this text clearly expressed things which I was never able to verbalize.

I am from Brazil (which is crazy, but sounds pretty normal compared to here), and I came back to India 2 weeks ago after spending 2 months back home. On the day I came back to India, as I left the airport, there was a guy on a scooter wearing a shower cap as a helmet. It was hilarious as fuck. Later on that night, at a fancy restaurant, OUT OF NOWHERE, the waiter started telling us about weed, and how common it is where he comes from (Kullu). All that in one day.

Last year I went to US, and I must say I was very unimpressed with all the “normality” and lack of surprises and moments that make you feel so alive.

As another reader said below, sometimes it gets tiresome. VERY tiresome. But with some patience and time, it goes away and you’re able to still enjoy the madness, even after years :)

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