A sudden feeling of irritation and i can feel it rising … the anger building inside. This is unfair… things ought not to be this unfair. Why are people so damn idiotic and unfair? What is wrong with them? Why don’t they understand simple things? Well, they should!!!

But no they are not going to always behave that way… i really do wish they would. But, people are different and just because i want them to behave in a particular manner, they are not going to. And, that is how life has been always been always and i have survived it. Which means i can handle it and also that just because people behave in a stupid and stubborn manner at times, they are not completely stupid and idiotic. It is just their behaviour in specific situations.

The above is a form of REBT - a psychotherapeutic theory and method. The first part was a irrational thought process / belief which leads to irrational negative feelings and behaviour. Which is in the second part substituted with a more rational thought process / belief which leads to rational negative feelings.

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