What is Chapter 27 all about?

John Lennon’s sudden death shocked the entire world. He was not only one of the most brilliant musicians, but was also one of the most influential musicians across the globe. Many songs and movies were made as a tribute to the tragic death of Lennon. Chapter 27 is one such movie. More information at this site: http://www.allclip.net/jared-leto/

This movie unfolds the murder story of John Lennon by the popular Mark David Chapman. The movie’s script and direction was convened by Jarret Schefer. According to Schaefer, this movie is based on the Jack Jones’ book called Let Me Take You Down. Jared Leto played the leads, donning the role of Mark David Chapman, Leto had to gain weight and get some serious changes in his appearance.

The script of the movie focuses on the psychological insights of Chapman, while and before he killed John Leto. This movie was opened by mixed reviews and it also turned out to be one of the most controversial movies of 2007.

The Plot

This movie unfolds the tale of a mentally unstable fan; who, is played by Mark David Chapman. This man is an entirely obsessive person who seems to come and go between idolizing and demonizating John Lennon. The movie does not tell you a story; rather it focuses on the psychological situation, giving us a chronological sequence of events. The death of Lennon, being a sensitive and controversial issue; this movie too became the centre of all controversies.

Controversies and critical reviews

Although the performance of Jared leto was praised in the movie, most of the critics found the movie’s plot a bit too obfuscating. While some critics suggested that the movie attempted to justify Chapman’s heinous crime, some others other felt that this was not the aim of the movie.

All in all, Jared Leto’s performance was praised and was critically acclaimed as well. However, the movie failed to make any mark due to the huge controversies. To know more about this movie, visit: Allclip people page.

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