Week 1: Seeing the gap
Bill Cotter

  1. ) There is no interest or intention to create an elective class on LGBT topics
  2. We focus on basic US History too much and civil rights too little/not at all. There are elective classes but in US History we learn the same things over and over (ie revolutionary war, civil war)
  3. We have a one diversity day, but it’s an event that the school would (and is) brushing aside in favor of something else (it’s getting shortened to only a half day)
  4. Expensive stores are getting put in Detroit, but nothing that most Detroit citizens can afford
  5. LGBT topics are topics one must be “old enough” to learn, but things like the Civil War or slavery has no apparent age limit
  6. There is such a stress on college and giving an impressive resume that no one truly has time to be a kid
  7. Schools expect their students to do both homework and tons of extracurriculars, which leaves little time for sleep or relaxation
  8. High schools expect students to get a certain amount of credit, even if it means dropping classes you love for those you hate or are just for the credit
  9. Teens get too often judged by their peers, no matter what the individual likes
  10. Girls not shaving their legs is considered to be weird, gross, or uncleanly and will be judged for it even though guys don’t shave theirs
  11. Parents are too focused on how they want their kids to turn out that they don’t let the kids be what they want to be
  12. Too many houses being built in safe areas are pricy, making it nearly impossible for those on and below the poverty line to afford
  13. Cute clothes that can last a long time are often times far too pricy
  14. Too many companies use animal testing
  15. There is little to no guarantee that the animals we get dairy and egg products from are being treated completely humainly.
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