So, going about our day to day lives we constantly compare ourselves to everyone around us. Thoughts like “I wish I looked like that girl over there”, “I wish I could sing as well as him”, “I wish I was like that person over there” dwell in our minds all the time.

When these consume our brains, we start to neglect the beauty within ourselves, our own amazing talents, our unique giftings, the wonderful way that God uniquely made us as remarkable individuals.

I really battle with comparison in every area of life and what I have recently realised… with a lot of prompting and help from God… is that it has caused me to become very envious of those around me. This has lead me to struggle with being able to celebrate the wonderful things God is doing in others lives because I just start to bitterly compare with what He’s doing in my own life.

The crippling thing about this is that I then get disheartened and annoyed with God, failing to see all the great things He’s doing with me. In all honesty, I think most of us do this I’m some form or another through lack of security in our true identity.

Celebrating each other, rejoicing in our friends success and encouraging and building them up is a huge step in the right direction to being free from comparison!

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