So, it’s almost that time of year again and I wanted to talk about lent as I think it is a great opportunity to refocus your time and your relationship with God.

Last year, I gave up social media for lent as I was aware that this was something that often distracted me from God and from the people around me. Doing this actually gave me a lot more time than I thought which I was able to spend reading the bible, praying and listening to God, as well as starting bible journaling.

In all honesty, I didn’t miss social media at all and as I reflect on this 40 day period, I have realised that this has become an issue again. I am not living with purpose and I have only read my bible once or twice this month! This is a heart issue and social media isn’t the only thing distancing me from God.

There are so many elements to our busy lives that we often forget about spending time with God and the importance of this. This is why I think lent is amazing-it gives you the opportunity to give up something(s) that are keeping you from spending time with God.

Be still. Spend time in his presence. Reflect.

I challenge you to give up something this year for lent-it’s just 40 days! But, it could change your perspective and your relationship with Jesus. The way you will grow could be awesome. Choose something that is holding you back from spending time with God, something unhealthy for your life and your relationship with Jesus and something that is a sacrifice. It’s so worth it!