Bots Are The Best Co-Workers You Can Have. Here’s Why…

Source: The Signal, A Mixpanel Publication

How about having a bot as your new co-worker? Exciting? Uh? With the emerging trend of incorporating AI at the workplace, it would not be surprising to soon have these artificial human-like intelligent workers everywhere in your organization.

Embrace Bots

Bots are not a threat to any organization. All that they would do is help the employees, and the organization becomes more productive. Chat-bots like Bash are designed to carry out important jobs of an HR. Bash is an intellectual chat-bot that can improve employee productivity, satisfaction and optimize HR functions, implementing Machine Learning Algorithms.

What Do You Expect From Your Co-Worker?

Workers in any organization are expected to be

· knowledgeable

· efficient

· accurate

· punctual

· aesthetic

Just like any humans, bots have been designed intelligently to carry out all of these functions. Bots can easily play the part of co-worker.


Real-Time Interaction with Colleagues

A new employee in any organization looks for ways to find out more about the organization, its rules and policies, other information and what role is he expected to play. Bash’s ‘Welcome Aboard’, a pre-boarding module, is just like having a real-time interaction with your colleagues. It’s a great way of feeding organizational information and developmental needs in the new employee.

Strengthening Emotional Bond

The use of bots can nurture the relationship between the employer and the employee. The regular queries addressed to the HR can now be directed to these chat-bots. Bash machines are trained to communicate with the employees and answer all such queries. It uses cutting-edge Natural Language Processing methods & Machine Learning Algorithms to answer human queries.

Employee Feedback

Honest feedback about the organization, product or any co-worker, given to an employee might sometimes create a negative impact. Employee feedback is best registered with a bot. The bot can securely hold all data and information which can later be processed and utilized for the productivity and success of the organization.

Processing a lot of feedback related reviews can be time-consuming for any HR. But through Machine Learning Intelligence like Bash, organizations can gather intelligent information from such feedback and process the information towards organization productivity.

Smooth Orientation

Often new employees find it challenging being overloaded with too much information in a short span of time. Bash’s ‘Post-Hire Orientation’ module allows the employee to have a smooth orientation, comfortably gathering all information helping in employee satisfaction, retention, and better productivity. Bash understands the importance of value-added services and the prospect of employee satisfaction and retention.

Attitude in the Workplace

Employees accept their new co-worker bots with a positive attitude and fun in their workplace. Bots are becoming famous. Co-workers who are actually helping in optimizing workflow and running smooth integration within an organization. Intelligent chat-bots like Bash can be termed as ‘super bots’ bringing in complete HR solution within an organization. What more, Bash’s Machine Learning engine continually improves and adapts its responses and gets keener as you use it.

It’s the integration of both the physical and the virtual realm to make your ideal co-worker a reality.