Journey To The HR World Through AI

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The vital function of any organization is their Human Resource. Since quite some time now the HR function has been using HR software. Softwares are now being equipped with Artificial Intelligence.

Information technology has now entered the AI age, and the progress of something like AI cannot be stopped. Since IT greatly impacts all aspects of life, so it is being prophesized that AI will exponentially revolutionize the way we work and live in the next two decades.


AI is based on NI cognition process. AI interfaces developed at BASH utilizes high capability NLP and MLA*. Due to this AI, HR interface is interactive and very much like a human interface. This implies that AI can be applied in those HR functions which require interaction and that include employee and people relations. HR software based on AI technology can:

  • Can reason and suggest options
  • Understand human language easily
  • Can self-learn without much programming
  • Can auto correct and self-improvise

HR Prior To AI

HR function has been using non-AI software for mainly backend operations. HR software found great utility as Payroll software, Employee Database software, Employee Attendance Record, and several other non-interactive HR software. Technologies that enable people, staff and HR function interaction, are scarce or at an undeveloped stage.

Intelligent HR Chatbot

The HR Chatbot from BASH is an online HR human-like interface based on AI that addresses and resolves people issues and improves people productivity and satisfaction in the organization. Features of the intelligent chatbot include:

  • Automated interactive interface
  • Can be accessed online
  • Can be installed on organization portal
  • Can be installed on websites and Apps
  • Accessible through messenger platforms (Facebook messenger, Slack, Telegram, and Skype)
  • Accessible through computers, laptops, and smartphones

BASH provides an HR Chatbot that is really very intelligent and includes benefits like:

  • No requirement for Installation
  • No downloading requirement
  • No requirement for App
  • Highly secure AI platform

How to Request BASH AI Platform Demo?

At portal you can request a demonstration for free. You would just need to provide your basic contact details like name, contact number, and email and submit your request and you will be contacted soon by BASH.

To Conclude

Recently AICTE has made AI syllabus compulsory for the prime technology institutes of the country. In the near future, AI syllabus will be included in other technical and non-technical courses as well. The trend is vibrant. AI progress will not be stopped, but people will learn how to manage and control AI like they have learned to work with IT software in the past.

People will need to work in a direction that unleashes the positive side of AI. AI will take over some jobs but will create new opportunities. The need of the hour is to understand and harness the opportunities that the new era unfolds.

* NLP: stands for Natural Language Processing

MLA: stands for Machine Learning Algorithms