To Bot or Not To Bot


The Question of the Hour.

Artificial Intelligence has long been at the forefront of human innovation, leading us to push the boundaries of what can and cannot be done with machines. It has come down to businesses that are incorporating AI and those that are not. But in 2018, one thing is certain. AI in its various forms is going be a part of the fabric of humanity in more ways than one.

Some of the prospective areas where AI will soon be seen include:

· Competitions and events

· Healthcare

· Automotive

· Video games

· Finance and economics

The more pertinent question now is: How can we use AI to do the tasks that humans have been doing on their own for decades? The answer is perhaps too extensive to sum up in a sentence, but an example should help.

A field like Human Resources which has, in the current context, taken up its own wing in a company’s books, needs a lot of analytic output. And while humans are adept at the same, sometimes it takes four people to do a task that a single bot can accomplish all by itself. That too in record time and without the burden of being bored by the monotony!

Source: Illustrator Robin Davey , WIRED

Where We Come In.

This is where BASH, an organization dedicated to help make the relationship between employer and employee much easier, comes in. Many employees have issues figuring out the various HR policies and processes in place at their organization, and even more headache inducing for them is finding out whom to approach for such queries.

It is simple, actually. And I am sure everyone who has ever had a job agrees on this. If an employee is satisfied with their work and the environment around them, they will stay with the company and be an asset to it. This is where ‘value-added services’ come in.

Some functions that can be invaluable are:

· Pre-boarding

· Post-hire orientation

· HR Help-desk

· Employee satisfaction



Striking the right balance is the best possible way to ensure that HR, arguably the most crucial wing of any organization, is able to keep both the management and the workforce happy. And BASH provides some quality benefits that can help with the same.

· 24/7 assistance

· Super fast response

· Increasing productivity

· Security

· Scalability

· No maintenance cost

With the help of bots, which act as AI-powered HR assistants, data can be filtered out much faster, and queries are looked into much faster, thus reducing the workload on the human HR force. BASH’s chat-bot, the automated online interface, makes an effort to mimic human interactions, when communicating with clients, in order to answer queries or perform tasks efficiently.

Some features incorporated in these chat-bots are:

· Artificial Intelligence

· Natural Language Processing

· Machine Learning

It is like when we call our service provider, but instead of speaking to a human customer executive, we get the chance to interact with chat-bots instead, which will try to give us the best possible human experience using what they have learned about human conversations while at the same time expediting the process and resolving the query efficiently by cutting through the bureaucracy.

With these chat-bots, the objectives of HR get simplified, while data flow and interactions between the management and employees become easier. Implementing features like machine learning algorithms, BASH, through chat-bots, looks to change the face of Human Resources management for the better.