The Rise of AI in HR

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The latest trend in computer technology today is Artificial Intelligence (AI). Its presence can be seen in almost every field now. Although AI evolved quite some time in the past, its actual practical use has just started successfully now.

One of the fields that is making the most of this machine intelligence is the HR (Human Resource). We can hardly imagine the HR department in any organization running without the help of this software automation. What the calculator used to be until the 80s, the AI is in the 21st Century!

Boon To The HR

More and more organizations are depending on these human-like intelligent machines because of:

· Better Productivity

· Real-Time Employee Solution

· HR Help Desk

· Huge Tasking Capability

· Employee Satisfaction

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Real-Time Employee Solution

AI can provide real-time solutions to any organization. With intelligent chat-bots like Bash, which implements Machine Learning Algorithms, the HR function and employee productivity and satisfaction can be improved greatly.

HR Help Desk

Employees constantly look upon the HR for information, queries, grievance redressal, policies & rules, leave application, appraisals and other employee-related concerns. New intelligent programs like Bash’s ‘Welcome Aboard’, a pre-boarding module, provides excellent chance to engage the employee in feeding organization information, rules, roles and developmental needs.

The ‘Post-Hire Orientation’ module by Bash carries the employee comfortably through all the needed information, guaranteeing employee satisfaction, retention, and better productivity.

Better Productivity

Work that can take up several days’ time can be easily completed in minutes with the help of this software led computational intelligence. AI is not bound by time. It can work 24/7.

Huge Tasking Capability

Some of the jobs that can be performed using these artificial cognitive functions include:

· Data screening & analyzing

· Taking calls & answering them

· Replying to emails

· Taking feedback

· Training

· Giving information

· Registering complaints

· Scheduling meetings

Employee Satisfaction

Employee appraisals and reviews form a great part of the productivity of any organization. Processing a lot of feedback related reviews can be time-consuming for any HR. But through Machine Learning Intelligence like Bash, organizations can gather intelligent information from such feedback and process the information towards the productivity of the organization.

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Can AI Pose A Threat?

Any computer software can be used beneficially towards human needs within its restricted capacity. Such artificial cognitive process/functions, when used diligently, can be same human-like intelligence and perform basic laborious jobs of the HR at a much faster pace. As such, AI should not impose any threat to the humans, rather be of assistance to the humans.

People need not fear that technology will snatch jobs from them. Technology can only ease human problems. If organizations make use of ‘bots’ to perform simple, laborious tasks, it is needless to say that newer jobs would emerge requiring human ability. Contrary to popular belief this will result in a symbiotic relationship.


‘Bots’ are the robotic software designed using algorithms. They can interact with actual humans and collect data or respond within given parameters. ‘Chat-bots’ like Bash, which uses cutting-edge Natural Language Processing Methods, are designed specifically to help an organization carry out the actual tasks of HR.

Future of AI in HR

AI is definitely going to gain popularity and demand in HR. Bigger organizations have huge human resource and as such managing the human resource is increasingly becoming tougher without the assistance of AI. People have already started using ‘bots’ in their workplace and very soon ‘newer bots’ like Bash are going to be a revolution transforming employee experience.