The Life and Death of Lexa
Jason Rothenberg

Everyone has a response to what you’ve written. Some are better at giving 2nd chances, some are not. And that’s fine, cause to each their own opinion. I do wonder if your response was triggered due to WonderCon just around the corner but you need not grace us with an answer because let’s be honest, most of us already know what you are going to say. I have but 2 questions for you

  1. As a writer, & the beauty of being a writer is the fact that you possess the capability to spun stories out of thin air, to create magic & show others the beauty of it. When did you stop imagining?
  2. As a human being, & the roles that comes along with being human, when did you lose your empathy? Where did your heart go?

When you say that you take enormous pride in Clarke & Lexa’s relationship, I’m assuming you treasured their story, you created something that you were proud of. Then why were you so flippant with the way you treated them? treated Lexa? Doesn’t taking pride in something or someone means that you care? Doesn’t that mean that you care enough to protect? that because something means so much to you, you’d find ways to keep it safe. But you didn’t.

You said you are still learning, everyone learns something new everyday of their lives but the catch here is that You’ve already known that it’s gonna hurt so many people, doing the things that you did & You still did it anyway. If you’d been ignorant & had apologized that would’ve mitigated the hurt and the pain but when everything that has happened, has been done knowingly, well that’s really even worse isn’t it?

Sometimes, sorry just doesn’t mean anything anymore. You as a writer should know that better than anyone else.. Good luck with your show