Here’s Why You Should Text Him First

An independent life in every sense of the word.

Let's Be Honest
Jun 8, 2018 · 3 min read

If you’re hungry, you go to the kitchen and you get something to eat. If you want to go somewhere, you get in your car and you drive that place. If you want something new, you go out and you buy it. If you want a guy, you should pick up your phone, and you text him. Have you caught my drift?

A simplistic metaphor but one that can change your life. It’s not rocket science.Think about it. Why would you leave getting what you want in the hands of someone else?

Looking at the big picture… You’ve got nothing to lose. And don’t give me any of that ‘pride’ bullshit. What even is pride. Fuck pride. Because let’s be honest, you lost your pride ages ago so there really is nothing to be concerned about. What’s the worst thing that can happen? Maybe he won’t reply as you want him to, or maybe he won’t reply at all. But thats fine! Because if that happens then it just wasn’t meant to be. It could happen to anyone and there should be no shame in it. (Potentially, quite a dick move on his part.)

If you’re all about that independent lifestyle (which you should be), then you should employ independence in every aspect of your life. What are you going to get out of sitting around and waiting for him to text you? In the real world, nothing is handed to you on a silver plate. You can’t reach your full potential by being passive. Sitting around and waiting for life you do favours for you. Do it yourself. Get what you want.

By not texting him first you might be depriving yourself of something great. Are you ready to live with that? You’ll never know unless you try.

I feel stupid writing this. Because it shouldn’t even be a question whether you should text a guy first or wait for him to text you. It should be natural. Its the fucking 21st Century. The age of for establishing equal rights and shattering that glass ceiling.

Do you like someone? Do you think he’s interesting? Are you curious? Do you want to get to know more about him? TEXT HIM. What’s all the fuss about? Sometimes all they need is a little push.

Not sure how to go about it? Here’s a foolproof trick

Don’t say something bland and boring like starting a conversation with ‘Hey’. That’s your first mistake. The kind of conversation thats DOA. It’s taking a step forward by texting him first but not fully taking the wheel and taking matters into your own hands.

You need your opening line to be something that will make him want to engage in conversation with you. Slide in there smoothly. Maybe something you’ve talked about when you’ve met out, something funny that reminds you of him or that classic meme thats relatable af to the both of you. Don’t think about it too much or look into it too much. It needs to come naturally, or else it won’t work.

Let's Be Honest

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University Student. Overdramatic Realist. Full of Resentment Towards The Male Population. Hopeful Answers to Desperate Questions.

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