Why would you want to be a company with many systems for your employees instead of one?

When I worked for a Fortune 500 company, we had a system for everything and not one of them talked to another. If I wanted to reach out to another department, all I had was an outdated phone or email list. When it was time to take up some training, I had to log into a different system with different credentials. Later, when I wanted to work on my assignments, I had to go through another set of credentials.

Pic via: energy-center.ro

Then there was our scheduling system. Again, more credentials. And that system was down more time than it worked; I would start some days wondering if I would be able to get into the main system to work. Logging in was like cracking the code to the bank safe. By the end of some days my head was spinning.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to have an intranet system that had everything you need for your employees in one place? That is what Green Mountain Solutions offers you. Our Home Page is just what it sounds like: a place like home that has everything you need in one place. Not different systems to log into for e-training, updates or companywide communications.

Home Page in action!

Visit us at letsbuildgreen.com to review our intranet system. Go ahead start a free trial to see what your missing, we dare you. Welcome Home!

Written by Sue Kelly. Sue has been actively involved in the HR, payroll, recruiting and the training field for over two decades. She enjoys finding the needle in the haystack for clients when they are looking for just the right employee.