Deliver us from snooze from

We all do it.

Hit the snooze but at least once every morning. But what if one morning you decided not to. You just got up. No negative self-talk, or complaining. Doesn’t that sound ……. Fairytaleish ?! We’ll it doesn’t have to be! You can do it and here are the benefits from shaking those last minutes of sleep.

  1. You wake up with one thing already accomplished. Not only can you start the day with a big check mark beside “wake up on time”, you’ve gained the appropriate start on all of the other things you want to accomplish that day.

2. You don’t have to rush (unless you want to). We have become so custom to rushing in the mornings, we don’t realize it’s an option. You don’t HAVE to rush, if you wake up on time ;)

3.You don’t carry that small failure around all day of waking up later than you are supposed to. You set your alarm at that specific time for reason.

4. You have gained power by knowing you can do it again tomorrow morning. You beat the snooze, and now you know it is possible to do it again

5. Beat Fatigue. When you get up on time, you have way more energy during the day. Oversleeping leads to fatigue. The more you do, the more you’ll want to do it. “

In the words of the great Mel Robbins “You are always one decision away from the life you want …”

So decide.

​photography: Umphery Photography

location: The Organic bedroom