How trustworthy is your mobile PIN or pattern lock is ?

There exist an easy & trustworthy way to bypass it ..

I know this title makes you jittery, but the fact is that there are few use cases where your pin or pattern lock can be totally bypassed and anyone can access your mobile freely, if you are not paying attention to confirmation dialogues which comes up when you connect new devices to your phone using bluetooth especially..

In specific on Android mobile phones there exist a concept called “trusted device” which means when you have a trusted device connected to the mobile (which you only declare explicitly as trusted) the mobile phones pass-code or pattern is just bypassed as a convenience measure, but there exist a caveat to it, even if you are not the person who is accessing that trusted device your mobile is “UNLOCKED” without passcode ..

That means if you accidentally leave your trusted device like your Bluetooth headset or smart watch which qualifies to be treated as trusted while you pair that device , if some one has access to that trusted device along with your mobile they can just unlock your mobile..

Solution ? “don’t grant that trusted status to any of the connected devices while pairing — it will ask only once while you pair the new device “ or turn off your Bluetooth or all other radio signals like wifi , NFC to prevent external entity to grant access to your device . .

It is addition to few android devices on which face unlocking works even when you are not looking at the camera just your face works good.. this caveat may put you in a embarrassing moment if you have something “personal” and your family member or spouse able to access that with this ease ….

Apple has a better way in dealing with this especially while treating their Apple Watch as a trusted device , it recognise the unique wrist signature you carry and only when you are wearing watch on your own wrist phone will be unlocked …

Lot to learn to become literate user of technology to avoid that loyal secretary who might be eavesdropping on you or your spouse who is curious to know with whom are you chatting most on whatsapp ..

Good luck in safeguarding your privacy…