Everyone wants to GROW.

Everyone wants to GROW. Don’t we?.. Namma Bengaluru is also growing, bursting at its seams. We all agree right! People move-in first and then the attempt to plan the city. At least this is what we are clearly seeing in Namma Bengaluru. Population has increased ~3 times in the last 15 years. While planning a large city, ~25% of city space is for roads whereas we have 8.2% in Bengaluru. It does not end here, into these roads we are adding ~2000 vehicles every day. Did you know! For every 2 Bangaloreans, we have one vehicle. 61 lakhs vehicles for a population of 115 lakhs! This is leading to single digit KMPH in most areas of Bengaluru!

Commute being the Concern, our own “Namma Metro” has taken 10 years plus and is still in construction phase. Authorities could not envisage the growth and people movement to areas like Whitefield, Outer Ring Road, Electronic city, Business parks in North Bengaluru, SEZ areas. There is no Metro or Monorail where it is most required.

An individual driving a car takes 25 times more space than an individual in a bus. If you cannot use the public transport, why not Carpool. Today, during the eve of Ganesh Chaturthi, let us all follow Lord Ganesha. “Occupy less space on roads”.

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