It is a true honor to be named a Finalist in the 2020–2021 Tennessee Williams & New Orleans Poetry Contest

written before the Election, published on Inauguration Day

A mighty CHEERS to Susmita over at The Pine Cone Review for publishing my first OPINION piece. May the first full administration of the decade begin on a note of hope.

You can read the full article here:

Brown Recluse by Christian Garduno (

Thank you to Gnashing Teeth Publishing for publishing this piece I wrote this afternoon. I always love a quick turnaround.

You can read it here:

Berserker by Christian Garduno | Gnashing Teeth Publishing

Kicking off 2021 with a new poem in the Trouvaille Review. Thank you for reading along =)

Pages by Christian Garduno — Trouvaille Review

ode to the new year

Cheers to the team over at Lawrence House [Canada] for publishing my new piece.

Old Acquaintance — The Lawrence House Centre for the Arts

I wish the very best for all of you in 2021.

A Quadrille

Original photo by Danya Gutan (Pexels). Redesigned by the author.

When all the toilet paper was bought off the shelves
I knew we’d have to depend on ourselves
and defend ourselves
it was then that you looked over at me and said:
This is how Mad Max started —

A response to this prompt:


There’ve been air-raids all night
whistles going off like crazy
I knew I’d see you at Paddington
doing your zany little dance

You always dance like that off gin
and no matter how many times in my dreams
I wanna see you do your crazy little dance again


as published by The Journal of Expressive Writing 09 01 20

Kyle needs a haircut

Honey, does this AR-15 go with my camo top?

Boogie on down to the Capitol Building

a little off the sides, a little off the top

Profit over parity

no repercussions for the bad cop


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