Writing prompt: Eminence

Let's get writing!
Apr 11 · 1 min read
  • If you were to be an eminent figure (assuming you aren’t currently), in what field would that be? What would you want to be known for? Have you made any small steps towards that goal?
  • Who are the eminent figures in your area of interest? What have they achieved? Have they inspired you on your journey? In what way?
  • Unless you have an interest in architecture, you probably haven’t heard of the name Zaha Hadid. Will you google to find out more about her, or will you give it a skip? Does it matter that so many eminent (let alone less eminent) figures are not known outside their field? What could be done to improve that?

Everyone has a story to tell — what’s yours? ❤️

Let's get writing!

Little ideas to get you writing. Everyone has a story to tell — what’s yours? letsgetwriting.com

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