5 types of headphones everyone should have

Everyone has made special place in their heart for music. Good music soothes everyone’s soul; as a result you see lots of headphones around you and high rise in online shopping of headphones. So, what are 5 types of headphones that you should consider having? Check out the list:

In-Ear Headphones

They are cool and very popular all around. They are generally made of silicone or foam and are very light weighted that is from 1 to 1.6 ounces. Good thing about them is they properly seal your ears and isolate you from the world but there is a catch it cannot stop sharp noises to enter through your ears. You can wear them during traffic and also while going to different meetings. They also come of different sizes that are small, medium and large.

Note: They should not be worn for long hours as they can cause ear irritation. There are always manual available do check out how to use in-ear headphones in a proper way.


· They are cheaper in comparison with other headphones

· Not much space is required


· Can be easily broken

· Not meant for long hours

Over the Ear Headphones

These generally come in large sizes and are especially made for comfort of ears. These kinds of headphones are generally used at home especially for gamers. They have awesome noise cancellation ratio and their great design enhances the sound experience of headphones. These are basically of two types that is closed back headphones and open back headphones.


· Very Durable

· Has good sound system

· Awesome noise isolation


· Very Bulky

· Requires large power supply

· Are not good for portable purposes

Wireless Headphones

They are basically headphones that use technology like Bluetooth or radio-frequency. They are more easy to carry as compared to other headphones and run on batteries which makes them very popular in every headphone stores. Although, earlier versions of this headphones had noise problems but now this problem is continuously improving.


· More Easy to take anywhere

· Very useful for people who loves to exercise with music as they need not to worry about wires


· If battery is low they do not work properly

· Has less sound quality in comparison with other wired headphone

Noise Cancelling Headphones

These headphones are especially designed to get rid of noises. Generally this happens with the help of at least one microphone, which removes the inverse wave of ambient noise. They are generally of two types that is active noise cancelling headphones and passive noise cancelling headphones. Most of people use passive noise cancelling headphones.


· Provides more accurate music

· Great to use in flights, train etc

· Music volumes does not need to be high


· Are costly as compared with other headphones

· Are not very comfortable

· Uses High power

Behind-The-Neck In-Ear Headphones

These are generally made of fibers rather than plastics and are of less weight in comparison of other headphones. Padding could be the problem in these headphones. But these basically have light weight.


· Has good sound system

· Cool to wear for uppers with collars


· Not very good to be worn on nights while sleeping

· External noises cannot be controlled easily

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