Review Hosting Hawkhost 2016

Hawkhost has long been a popular hosting provider with very good quality, however with the expansion of two location in Singapore and Hong Kong, the Hawkhost the more users in Asia appreciate more.

Ago N never use the services of Hawkhost, however in Pearl just then AAG cable break has found a hosting service has the datacenter in Asia to move a blog about in order to limit the maximum network delay.

Jade eventually had to Hawkhost because previously heard datacenter in Singapore, and luckily this Hawkhost back adds a second datacenter for the Asian region that is in Hong Kong.

Thus N has registered the service shared hosting at Hawkhost to try to experience. Just below this Jewel will you evaluate the quality of Hawkhost and detailed instructions how to register hosting.

Very interesting …

Reviews Hawkhost: quality hosting good, moderate price

One thing to say that if you are going to find an international hosting service datacenter in Asia is not easy and if so the price is also very harsh.

But with Hawkhost is completely in reverse, up to the moment they are 6 datacenter then including Singapore and Hong Kong to serve Asian users.

Ago when no 2 location, many using hosting in Hawkhost still appreciated when using datacenter in Los Angeles due to the speed of load and load is very high.

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Every month, Hawkhost always launched very much hosting coupons. With these Hawkhost coupons, you can save up to 40% for recurring.

The quality of Hawkhost

Currently the entire package hosting are using SSD hard drive
Uptime guarantee 99.99% (N also has experience of this)
Hawkhost currently only offering 2 packages shared host, both packages are unlimited bandwidth, database, domain
Refund period is 30 days (if you are not satisfied with the service)
Installing WordPress with just 1 click
Primary package limit is 10 GB storage capacity is also not limited to Professional package.
notable hawkhost
There is a special thing in the service of Hawkhost is that you can ask to move between the location to best suit the needs of use. For example when you register choose datacenter in Singapore but if want you can move on to Hong Kong.

Hawkhost also supports available Memcached to help speed up the website very much. In addition, you can enable SSL for free with Let’s Encrypt soon in cPanel, it’s simple.

When you sign up for hosting with time set the higher discount rates of Hawkhost for you. In the image above you see, if registered with the 2-year period, the price of the package at about $ 2.99/month only Primary.