God-Inspired Gun-Enable Moron Creats Orlando Homophobia Horror

By Tez Anderson, Atheist.

Devastating horror in Orlando, 50 dead and 52 wounded, in the name of allah or god. His god hates homos. I will not be praying for anyone. I do not pray because I know it is is fruitless and a waste of time.

It is not “unimaginable.” It is a reality of life in world that has too many guns, to much hate and too much god (by whatever name you use to I.D. your version of a mythical creation.) If anyone doubts that this was homophobia-filled, Allah-inspired violence pure and simple. What more do we need to know?

Motives, duh! I wish the fucking the media would stop speculating on the “motivates” and the killer but on the deadly culture of violence and stupidity of religion hatred of gay people. This is not a random act of violence it is a sign of the effects of religion and guns. Motivation solved. It doe not matter where he got the guns or what his past is. The only thing that matters is that 50 (probably more) of gay and lesbian brothers and sisters are dead at the hands of a Muslim who hated queers. He probably had been turned on by some guy in his past and could not deal with it. He probably hated himself because his religion told him he was fucked up for being turned on by another guy.

I’m reeling from this horror. You should be too. But fuck the second amendment and fuck god. I’m in mourning today for more dead gay people after watching my community die around me around me for 35 years. It does not make “sense”. It is logical and all too common.

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