HIV & Aging is not a monolith.

Pre-HAART survivors and Post-HAART survivors are separate, distinct cohorts with overlapping but different medical and psychosocial needs.

HIV Longest-Term Survivors age differently. The big differences are longest-term survivors may have multiple drug resistances, resulting in limited treatment options (known as salvage therapy) and physical damage from long-term HIV infection. They are also very likely to have taken earlier, 
less effective medications, which caused things like neuropathy and cardiovascular disease.

Multimorbidities and comorbidities result in polypharmacy that impacts treatment adherence and optimal care. HIV LTS are facing accelerated aging among longest-term survivors.

In short, HLTS require more specialized care that is highly integrated. Aging with HIV is very complicated and needs innovative treatments, research, 
and programs focused on an older population. Treating everyone who is aging with HIV and one group overlooks the facets and differences between the cohorts.

Both populations also struggle with AIDS Survivor Syndrome, as we know now. Both groups are long-term survivors, but the differences matter.

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