Who Am I?

Everyone at a point in their lives has had an existential crisis. You’ve probably asked yourself questions like, “Who am I, really?”, or “Why do I act the way I do?” or “What is my purpose in life?”

There is always a trigger which initiates this thought process, be it an article in the newspaper, a speech in a summit, a video on YouTube, or even just an action of a person who inspires you, which makes you want to truly live your life to the fullest.

Many a times people spend their whole lives ‘discovering’ who they truly are yet there are people who seem to have always known their calling.

Nonetheless, it is what is within you which speaks out in ways which will never seize to surprise you. So, is there a shortcut or a guide to follow?

Frankly, there are no shortcuts in truly getting to know yourself but don’t get disheartened just yet; there are plenty of ways to do that, and here are some tips to help kick start your journey:

1. Journalling

Creating personalized journals (or a bullet journal, for the more trendy people out there), helps you jot down your life in your perspective. It helps you understand your own passions, likes, and dislikes and helps document your life. It basically can help you write your autobiography or biography when you’re famous ;)

2. Try to socialize or communicate more

Communicating and socializing might be easy for people who are socially active and naturally extroverted but might pose to be a task for some. Socializing helps you to meet people that you might not otherwise talk to, and encourages you to expose yourself to more varying personalities than the ones you’re most comfortable with — hence, paving ways to new friendships, ideas, and discovering yourself a bit more.

3. Don’t hold back…… try something new

It might be a small step like trying a different cuisine or something major like adapting to a lifestyle change, but trying something new and stepping out of your comfort zone can help you discover your tastes, preferences, adaptability and you never know, by trying something new you might find your calling too!

4. Travel by yourself, at least once

It is easier said than done when you have to explore a completely different place by yourself. There is always a certain anxiety attached to the idea of doing something on your own, but the excitement would eventually overcome the anxiety once you discover how much you can achieve when you have no one to depend on. Your inner survival instincts are alert and ready to explore, and there is no stopping you.

So think about and go, go, goooooo!

5. Do what you love more; pick up a hobby to relax your nerves

A hobby can be a stress buster after a stressful day which you can adopt into your daily/weekly routine. Constructive hobbies like exercise, yoga, arts, reading and writing help understand and re-analyze stressful situations which you can combat. Meditation is proven to be the most effective out of all as it helps you concentrate on your breathing and your thoughts, and, well its not all that bad if you think about it: as it is close to sleeping while sitting!

That brings me to the end of my list of things that helped me deal with existential crises. There are various ideas and inspirations out there in various forms; my recommendations being books like ‘Wild’ by Cheryl Strayed and ‘How to Be a Heroine’ by Samantha Ellis.

I would love to know the ways in which you have discovered yourselves (as I still am), and what you do to find your ‘center’.

Hope you have a lovely week and stay tuned for more such exciting posts during the week from the Let’s Lead Team!