It’s a myth that parenthood slows down your journey to success. Here’s why.

Parenthood doesn’t have to slow you down, unless you allow it.
Parenthood doesn’t have to slow you down, unless you allow it.
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1. You hone your ability to block distractions.

While kids are running around your feet, and countless other tasks are vying for your attention, you might feel your entrepreneurial venture has to go on hold. I don’t think so. Is the baby screaming? Tend to the baby. Is the water boiling over on the stove and getting dangerously close to your toddler? Tend to the water. Otherwise, leave it.

Learning to leave the things that seem important but aren’t, will teach you to do the same with your business. Is there an email you haven’t filed in the right folder or a Tweet you haven’t responded too but you vied you would? …

Managing your workplace wellbeing when the world in is turmoil

What life lessons are your children teaching you today?
What life lessons are your children teaching you today?
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More lockdowns are inevitable. The virus is sweeping the nation, and the world, at an alarming rate. Leaders of some countries (not naming names) recognize that controlling it means staying apart. The result? More lockdowns and more distancing measures. It also means the potential for your well-being to take a hard knock.

If extended time alone is going to be the new norm, it’s essential to think about what we’ve learned so far and how we can use it to get us through in the coming months.

Whether you have a job or you’re looking for a new position, finding happiness at work is a vital piece of your well-being puzzle. These are three things parenting my young kids during the pandemic has reminded me about how to stay engaged, motivated, and happy at work. …

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Change is something we face frequently, but mostly it’s small scale. Yes, significant events happen, but they are rarer, and we can often plan for them. It’s much less often that monumental events occur which are big enough to shift our whole being, and that of everyone around us, especially when they happen without warning.

We weren’t ready to change

When change happens to us, it can be scary. In my organizational change work, I have seen leaders use change readiness tools — questionnaires or interviews — to see if the company’s people are ready for the changes the company needs to make. Is it the right time to make changes, or are there things we could do to better prepare people for what is coming? …


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