Introducing Even More Ways to Watch Anything with Anyone

Catch your favorite shows with your friends anywhere, anytime!

Watch Rabbit on mobile or laptop; Chat in the context of the show while it’s 
 streaming; Keep in touch with friends even when you’re not watching a show

Let’s admit it — half of the fun of watching TV and movies is being able to talk about it with your friends. (The other fun part is lounging on the couch.) If you’re watching by yourself, it can be a little lonely. Rabbit makes watching fun again.

That’s because we transform the solo experience of watching anything online into a social experience you can share with anyone, anywhere.

For you noobs to Rabbit, here’s how it works:

Invite your friends into a group you’ve made on Rabbit. It’s almost like an online living room. Now, you can watch shows together even when you’re not together in real life. The shows you love play perfectly in-sync for everyone, whether you’re binging on the new season of Stranger Things, adoring Mrs. Maisel, or catching the latest from Rhett & Link on YouTube. Everyone can talk about it with on-screen texts, GIFs, or even live video or audio reactions.

Today, we’re really excited to announce a bunch of new ways to watch with your friends. We’re adding updates to groups, real-time or delayed viewing, and a sleek new design.

Groups, Groups, Groups.

Almost all viewing on Rabbit happens among people who are already friends. These updates to Groups make it even better:

  • We’re making all of your Groups ongoing. Your conversations can grow and unfold as each of your friend groups watch more and more shows. You can be a part of as many Groups as you’d like, which means you can watch different shows with your high school friends, college friends, fellow sci-fi fans…you name it. Setting up different Groups keeps those different conversations in the right place.
  • Presence notifications tell your friends when you’re watching something live in case they can hop in and watch with you right then.
  • Multiple shows can be added to the Group. Now, your friends can use that same Group to watch and talk about all kinds of shows whether it’s a YouTube show, a streaming series, or a classic sitcom. Rabbit’s technology even supports the ability for each friend in the group to be watching their own show simultaneously.
A new Universal Search function looks across all streaming services to find the show you and your friends want to watch together.

Catch up when it’s convenient for you.

  • This one is huge — we’re giving people more flexibility around when they can watch. Now, in addition to watching in-the-moment (synchronously) with your friends, we’re also making it possible for you to catch up when you can (asynchronous from your friends’ schedules). No more FOMO!
Check out this sleek new style! And, new user flows make it even easier to set up groups and invite friends.

New Design.

We’ve redesigned and reorganized some of the main features so that you can get what you want in the fastest way possible.

  • Easier to set up and navigate to your groups so you can get right to watching with your friends.
  • Search all subscription services at once. If you want to watch “This is Us” but don’t know where to find it, you can now search across all streaming services at once.
  • New design, new colors, fresh look. (Ooh, ahh!)

This all goes live on mobile today (both iOS and Android) and the same updates will appear on the web soon.


Rabbit is the way to watch anything with anyone. Discover, share and watch content anywhere with your friends. React and respond in-the-moment or when you have time. Even if you’re in a different city, another country, or on the other side of the world, Rabbit allows you to keep in touch while watching your favorite shows together. Rabbit launched to users in 2015 and today there are 3.6 million monthly unique viewers around the world. Rabbit users are some of the most active on any web or mobile app: they watch for an average of 12.5 hours a month, and the most active users watch for 28.5 hours a month. The huge majority of Rabbit users are under the age of 30 years old. Welcome to the future.