50 things I am proud I did in 2015

  1. Went to Las Vegas for the first time and won $100 playing blackjack
  2. Cheered for the Red Sox at Yankee Stadium
  3. Joined Quaker Bolivia Link’s USA board and designed a fundraising and email campaign for the organization
  4. Celebrated my 29th birthday by practicing yoga between my brother and sister, and surrounded by friends at Abhaya Yoga’s bhava class
  5. Visited and built relationships with over 40 nonprofit organizations in the New York metropolitan area and helped raise thousands of dollars to support many of them
  6. Met former president George W. Bush
  7. Attended a workshop on finding my dharma that opened new internal doors, and a workshop on awakening that reoriented my meditation practice
  8. Cheered for my sister while witnessing her induction to the national honor society for social work
  9. Went to the Sixth Floor Museum, Rubin Museum of Art, and Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum each for the first time
  10. Reconnected with my cousins in Austin and saw the largest urban bat colony under the Congress Avenue Bridge
  11. Concluded a longstanding legal matter
  12. Visited friends in Los Angeles, San Francisco and the Bay Area, Chicago, Dallas, Boston, and all over NY
  13. Became friends and worked closely with OIC: The Cambodia Project’s Fundraising Manager, assisting with grant research, editing, and social media presence
  14. Played a hilarious game of Cranium with my brother, his girlfriend, and a bunch of friends
  15. Celebrated the 4th of July with girlfriends I’ve known for about 20 years
  16. Volunteered preparing meals for sick NYC residents with God’s Love We Deliver, clearing invasive weeds and planting seeds with Riverkeeper, teaching teenagers networking skills through acting with the All Stars Project, and raising awareness about the soon-to-open marine transfer station in Yorkville/East Harlem with Pledge 2 Protect
  17. Dated two great guys and took care of myself through each relationship
  18. Took better care of my body by practicing restorative yoga instead of pushing through injuries
  19. Offered tuck in and wake up service to attendees and played djembe for a night of kirtan while assisting at a yoga and meditation retreat
  20. Attended a Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders) information session and completed volunteer orientation with the American Red Cross
  21. Asked for help when I really needed it
  22. Worked with my soul sister, Deanna Green, to create and offer Friday Night YOGA, a monthly class we designed to address some of the issues we experience or witness in the yoga community
  23. Donated or put nearly everything I own into a closet or under the bed to make space to host the second Friday Night YOGA class in my apartment
  24. Climbed the fire tower in Ferncliff Forest, NY
  25. Worked 60–80 hours/week until I changed jobs in October
  26. Attended Janet Stone’s yoga class in San Francisco
  27. Had dinner together with friends from all three decades of my life and three different states I’ve called home. One friend from childhood in Michigan, one friend from university in New York, one friend from graduate school in Massachusetts, and one Californian friend I met at a retreat in upstate New York earlier in 2015.
  28. Played with public health and social media by posting/sharing my daily servings of fruits and vegetables with tags #fiveaday and #sevenaday, acknowledging the national nutrition guidelines for people to have 5-7 servings of fruit and vegetables every day
  29. Became the namesake for a friend’s houseplant
  30. Worked with a life coach and found my voice
  31. Celebrated my friend Max’s wedding in Rhinebeck, NY, then celebrated with, photographed, and drove my friend Larissa and her wedding party 6+ hours each way to their venue in Klamath, CA, when there was a paperwork snafu with their rental car
  32. Realized it’s okay to not always have a goal to be working towards
  33. Stood in awe many times while walking through the Redwoods National and State Parks
  34. Practiced waking up between 4:30am and 6:00am until it became habit
  35. Bought a sketch book and brush tip markers and created art daily for a few months
  36. Walked around Lake Merritt, catching up with a friend
  37. Organized a yoga class at a conference with over 400 attendees, then had the class mats donated to a local organization which offers yoga to people with serious or terminal illness
  38. Was interviewed by Bud Hennekes on his podcast, A Boundless World
  39. Forewent airplanes and traveled from Charleston to New York once by train and once by car with my siblings
  40. Talked to many people about meditating, helped three people start meditating, wrote about meditating, lead meditation twice at Friday Night YOGA, and turned to meditation naturally myself more often
  41. Worked with Ask For It to learn to negotiate in professional settings
  42. Helped my cousin prepare for her first baby and met him when he was just two hours old!
  43. Hugged Krishna Das then meditated and experienced samadhi (meditative bliss) for the first time in my life
  44. Walked away from social media for a few weeks
  45. Connected with amazing women as friends, mentors, and colleagues
  46. Completed the Introduction to Incident Command System certification by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), and the Stewards of Children certification (child abuse awareness and prevention training) by Darkness to Light
  47. Stood up to a guy who tried to grope me on the street and wrote an article about it that was viewed and shared over 6,000 times
  48. Served as a Traumatic Brain Injury coach for a woman just beginning her recovery and a man many years into his recovery
  49. Saw Dave Matthews Band at Alpine Valley Music Theater in Wisconsin
  50. Read 49.91 books
  51. Bought plane tickets to Colombia, Peru, and Bolivia. I leave on January 22nd… and return on February 9th.

Every January I make a list of 50 things I am proud I did during the previous calendar year (2014 and 2013 lists). I find this practice more motivating than any resolution. Throughout the year when I make decisions, I think about the list and am motivated to make myself proud of my character through my actions.

This is the first year I hesitated to write and post my list. I had spent the vast majority of my time and energy at work, traveling for work, and thinking about work. I wasn’t sure I could fill a list of 50 accomplishments without making it all about work, which is exciting for my career but would be a departure from the purpose of this list. I’m glad I stuck to the rules and pushed myself to come up with 50 different items. The process broadened my perspective and helped me appreciate just how full my life truly was in 2015. Thank you for reading and being a part of my year.

Join in! Some friends and family posted their lists and some are still working on it. Now is a perfect time to start. It’s simple, make a list of 50 things you are proud you did in 2015. It must be 50 things, no less. You can share it or not. If you need help getting started let me know.

Happy New Year!

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