I Have Never Been Happier

Now, let’s keep this honest.

This is about a relationship falling apart, the transformation, and the growth afterwards, but with a twist.

It wasn’t long ago that I thought I had it all. Everything I did was centered around us.

Not in a way that was blind or foolish, but in the sense that I understood and respected our relationship and put in the effort.

Now, things have come and things have gone. Mostly you.

Less than 5 days after you up and left with no reason, you were advertising on Instagram your new “boo.”

Well f**k that.

But that’s what happens sometimes. And I know for damn certain it wasn’t my fault. I did everything I could and I know it.

I think that’s the lesson that has led me down this path. This path of happiness.

Not in a cliche way, but honestly, I have achieved a peaceful level of happiness in my life again.

The reason?

Because I realized that you were wrong. 100%.

I put in the work. You didn’t.

I committed to honesty. You decided to lie about us to save your reputation.

I respected you. You didn’t respect me.

I was mature. You were not.

I know that now. I’ve stopped blaming myself.

I’ve stopped thinking that I was completely wrong or that there was something wrong with me.

Because there isn’t. I work hard to be a good person and I know it.

So enjoy your new relationship.

Meanwhile, I’ve achieved happiness again, no thanks to you.

I’m sitting on a beach now.

And finally, I don’t miss you.

It feels good.