9 Most Important Criteria to Choose Children Tracking Systems

Children tracking system devices have become increasingly popular over the past few years. Why? That is so because a GPS tracker keeps worried parents informed about the whereabouts of their kids. It makes life increasingly stress-free

for them. Now with the trend in India also changing with both parents working out of the house and children travelling on their own — school or otherwise — it has been noticed that there is an increase in demand for GPS Tracker device in India.

However before you settle on the type of device that you would like your child to have, take a note of the below pointers –

  • Age of your child — There are many types of devices that your choose from depending on the age of the child. For young kids below the age of 6, a kids’ tracking bracelet is the best option. For little older ones or young teenagers — a GPS watch would be ideal. Also for the responsible children above 12 years of age who are able to handle and take care of their belongings, a portable GPS tracker would be an apt choice.
  • Battery Life — Don’t invest your money in a child tracking system with a multitude of features. The prime reason being, a device with multiple features would exhaust the battery life soon. Keep in mind the pivotal function of the device should be able to precisely track the whereabouts of your kids. And if the device does just that, there should be no looking beyond.
  • Variance of information retrieval — It is up to you to decide whether you wish for a device that gives you information only in real time or whether you are looking for a device that lets you save the history data too.
  • Accuracy — Do not blindly invest your money on any tracking device. Read the reviews and instructions carefully. Buy a device that has the review of accuracy.
  • SOS Button — The GPS tracking device that you would be buying for your child should have an SOS button. It allows your child to reach you in a jiffy. This way you remain relaxed too.
  • Check the Rates of monthly fees — Any GPS tracker device in India requires you to pay a monthly fee. Whether it is GPS watches or portables, there is a monthly service fee. Check the rates to ensure that you are paying a nominal fee and are not being overcharged.
  • Compatibility — The GPS tracking device that you buy for your child should be compatible with your smartphone system — iOS, Android or Windows.
  • Buy devices that send alerts — An ideal GPS tracking device would send alerts to a preset mobile number when the child leaves or enters certain specified zones.
  • Extra Features — Check out some extra features if available with your device — MP3-player, medical alert, heart rate system alert, pedometer, etc.

The above 9 features would be sufficient to serve as guidelines when you choose a GPS tracking device for children. Go ahead and make a right choice!