Future Trend of Public Transportation

London Transit Tracker “People’s Best Choice for Public Transport App 1.0”

Wonders what will be the future transportation for people in the city of London. Always there is a point where people are looking for balances between a developed country and non-packed traffic! A developed country tends to have a packed traffic due to the increase in the number population where people moving around from point to point daily. In this case, time is money! People are going to work, school, dine every day and it is the fact that most of the time being wasted on the road is more than that the other activities in a daily basis.

Governments have tried to manage the solutions to address traffic congestion, yet commuting continues to lengthen in most of urban cities for example — London. It’s the great time to provide the new solution where a real-time geospatial data provides efficient mobility to the residents in the developed city like London and it enables better city governance through best route or trip planning, and public transport updates (buses, tube, underground, overground, tram, TfL rail and etc) . This actually enables the smart transportation system like never before — London Transit Tracker!.

Everything London citizens need to commute in London City is now combined into this single app with all available info such as London Bus Times Arrivals, Tube Map, London TfL Journey Planner, Live London Bus Arrivals, Transit Timetable or Schedule, Alerts, London Metro Maps, London Tube Arrival & Departure Time, TfL Rail Arrival Time, Fare Price Finder, Live Status & much more.

This app is supported by Transport for London (TfL)!

#1 Transit app for London Tube, London Bus, TfL Rail, System Services, and Alert


Transit Arrival Time
- Real Time Arrival / Departure: Bus, Tube & Rail.

Tube & Rail Metro
- Check the London Tube & Rail Metro Map for TfL. (Coming soon)

Schedule / Timetable
- show selected full timetable for buses, tube, overground, TfL rail, DLR, tram and river. (Coming soon)

Nearby Transit
- Find Nearby routes or stops by using your phone’s GPS Location.

Alert / Reminder
- Alert Notifications to remind you where your transit now at your set time and distance away.

Trip Planner
- A to B point Trip Planner (TfL Journey Planner) shows and plan for you to reach on any TfL Transit and networks such as London Buses, Tube, Train, Tram, London Underground, London Overground, TfL Rail and etc.

Fare Price Finder
- To find out the cost of a journey between any two stations on Tube, DLR, London Overground, London Underground, TfL Rail and National Rail services where pay as you go.

Service Status
- Check the status and alert of the bus, rail, tube, national railway, emirates airline, river bus (Transport for London)

Travel Guides
- Tell you a simple guide getting around London. The guide is best for those who have just arrived at the airport and are looking for ways to get to central London or around London.
My Favorites
- Save frequent routes or stops to your favorite

Search Routes
- Find London bus, tube and rail by using routes.

London Weather
- Show current broadcast weather in London.