Best 360 VR Videos of Laugh & Fun

To welcome the weekend, VeeR has selected some funny virtual reality videos that will make you laugh out loudly. Enjoy yourself!

Thug Life VR Granny Edition

ThugLife Granny made me laugh so hard. I hope you all get a kick out of this too.
 I hope your grandmother is much more pleasant than this one!

Funny Annoying Orange Finally Knifed!

 it can be a nightmare or a dream.

Jam is looking at you :)

Just look at the title, Jam is looking at you :)

Jack of All Trades — The Butcher

When a lovely rabbit encountered a butcher with a knife, will it escape or die?

Grumpy Panda trolling a family in Moganshan

Having a long week? Feeling terribly bored? Stop everything and take a look at the Panda who needed a holiday…! And if he doesn’t brighten your day, nothing will.

Originally published at on July 14, 2017.

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