How to Embed A VR / 360 Video Player on Your Websites

Maybe this has happened to you more than once that you wanted to embed a VR video on your website but didn’t know how, and it can be a real bummer! Don’t sweat cause VeeR is coming in to save the day. With our guide, embedding any video on VeeR to your web pages can be a no-brainer.

Let’s follow start our 5-step tutorial:

Step 1: find the video to embed

First you need to find the video that you want to embed on the site. On the video streaming page, you can see a share button as shown below.

Step 2: copy the html code

Hover your cursor over the share button, you should see a floating window that contains the permalink and html link to the video. Copy the link.

Step 3: edit your webpage text

Open your web editor to write something down or make changes to your text.

Step 4: paste your html link

Insert the link you copied where you want it to appear in your text.

Step 5: visualize the embedded video

Click on “visualize” to preview the final effects of the video on the web page, and you will be able to see how the video comes out.

That’s all for embedding a video. Happy VeeRing!

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