Huawei VR 2 Official Launch Recap

Today at a press conference in Shanghai, Huawei announced the official launch of its new headset Huawei VR 2, which adopts 3K display and Fast LCD. With a high-resolution dual-screen of 1,660 pixels by 1,440 pixels, Huawei VR 2 brings the viewers a much a better visual effect than its previous generation VR headset.

Besides the technical improvements, Huawei VR 2 also made some major design changes to enhance its user experience. The new headset now can be reversed up, which offers the viewers an effortless return to reality without the need to take off the equipment. On the inside, it has a high resilience sponge and air convection design that allow the users to wear it more comfortably and alleviate the dizziness caused by long immersion time.

The VR 2 is designed to access multiple terminals for various immersive experiences. Users are able to not only watch VR films on their mobiles, but also connect their P9 phones to computers to play more snazzy VR games. The separate handle also adapts to a larger selection of VR games, allowing the viewers to have a much better gaming experience.

Huawei VR 2 will be available on Nov 30, starting at ¥1999/$ 303. As Huawei’s key partner, VeeR will provide the users with the best VR experience by offering a wide range of high-quality contents from a dynamic community of creators worldwide. The VR 2 headset users will be able to surf through all the premium content on VeeR and have a fully immersive viewing experience anywhere.

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Originally published at on October 21, 2017.